Moved to Blogger Beta

NOTICE to all readers:  This blog has moved to  Please change all bookmarks.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll continue to do so at the new location!

Update (01/17/2008): And it’s a heck of a lot more popular on Blog*Spot, if I do say so myself. At least I can customize things, and have decent tracking…

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Time to revamp the (relatively new) Starfleet website with an LCARS design.  This will probably take several days to accomplish.  Updates will be added to this thread.
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Hard Disk Update

Supposedly, Dell will ship a new hard disk sometime tomorrow.  I still haven’t started recovering data, but since the computer is off, there’s no deterioration.
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A Whole Bunch of Stuff

I’ve been away for a while because I’ve been struggling with bunches of technological issues.  First, I lost an SD card containing all of my music (nearly 2GB).  Now the hard disk in my computer is threatening to crash.  So I’ve been forced to use public computers and had almost no time away from my homework to post anything.  So I’ve dumped it all into this entry.  How about that?  Now I can start storing other things to post about.
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History Class is Annoying

I am taking an American History class at my school, and the assignments are starting to get on my nerves.  This course has "Crossover Assignments" that make you answer questions about supposed Crossover points.  These are parts of history which can be expressed from multiple points of view (i.e. both Economic and Military history).  The course sometimes has me read the same two or three pages many times in the course of a unit.  Enough!  Come up with better assignments or just don’t come up with them at all.
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LCARS Shell Attempts

I just tried a program called LOSS (LCARS Operating System Shell) 2005.  It was pretty disappointing (though you can try it at  There were three applications: Alarm Clock, Tik Tac Toe, and Command Prompt, the last of which did not work very well.  I think this program has a long way to go, though what has been developed looks promising.
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Hmm, Oh Well, Dell

Dell just ignored my email request for support.  Oh, well.  I did fix (I hope) another issue having to do with a BAD_POOL_CALLER stop error, caused by SynTP.sys, one of the files used in the Synaptics Touchpad in my laptop.  This time, I used Dell chat.  Much faster.  I’ll post updates as to whether or not I receive the STOP error again.
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